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Based in Nicosia, in one of the most central locations in Strovolos, we have created the Special Education Centre «Garden of the Mind Cy», with the vision to provide organised provision of prevention, assessment, and therapeutic intervention services, in the field of Special Education and Special Therapies. Based on the early diagnosis and evaluation of each child’s skills, a personalised program of multilevel intervention is designed and organised.

Our goal is to develop the capacity and skills of each child and adolescent, with a view to improving the quality of life of the student as well as the family.
We also care that the educational / therapeutic environment is modern, pleasant, and safe for the child.

On our website, you can learn about the services provided by the Garden of the Mind and about our facilities, and be informed on issues related to Special Education and Special Therapies.

NOTE: The purpose of this website is informative and its content aims at parents, teachers, and doctors who are seeking information on child development or are concerned about such matters. In no case, however, this information does serve as diagnostic parameters or as treatment guidelines.  Diagnosis and rehabilitation can only be done in the presence of an expert and after certain procedures.

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